Travel Skin Tips From London Skincare Experts

Dr. Krystyna WilczynskiCourtesy of Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski

The holidays are meant to be a time to pause, relax, take stock and spend time with family. But increasingly, we are expected to maintain the thrum of daily life – shopping til we drop, cooking large complicated holiday meals and presenting the perfect home. Pair all of that with the potential of long-haul travel and perhaps a little overindulgence on libations, and it can be a tough recipe for your skin to survive. Your correspondent spoke with Dr. Krystyna Wilczynski, a leading cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetician and Dr David Jack, one of Harley Street’s most respected medical doctors, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, as well as a leading skin specialist, to hear their top trade tips for skincare. Dr Krystyna works out of the welcoming and cosseting Blush and Blow beauty bar in  Parsons Green, while Dr Jack’s central London business continues to thrive. Both bring passion and a modern approach to their practices.

More and more people travel with increasing frequency. I know airplanes are so tough on skin – what is some of your top tried and tested travel advice?

Rehydrate! travelling can seriously dehydrate the skin due to low levels of humidity on flights. This means skin looses moistures far quicker. Make sure you drink plenty of water, but also use a hydration helper product on the flight to combat this! Always wear SPF of at least 50. This will prevent longterm sun damage and wrinkles! I love Heliocare.

You’re really active on social media – tell me about how that’s helped grow your business and client base?

Dr Krystyna: Social media is a fantastic platform and has been integral to growing my business. I use Instagram mainly as a gallery for my before and after photos, which allows clients to gain an understanding for the type of work I do. I also find social media helps convey my personality and reveal myself to the public. Trust is a huge factor in deciding whom you want to perform your dental or aesthetic treatment, so I use instagram as a way of showing people I that am not salesy,and I really do have a passion and empathy for what I do. I hope it demonstrates that I strive to ensure the best for my clients and meet their requirements fully, with a good and happy result.

What are some of your hero products you never board a plane without?
I am a huge fan of Bali Balm. It’s a high-end lip care product. My lips are the first thing to get dry on a plane and it’s also a great aftercare product.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

Dr Krystyna: This is a tricky question, as I do so many different things that I love. I love clinical work – be it dental, or facial. I love the actual physical act of doing a treatment. I also love the social aspect of my job – I meet so many different types of people ,which Is so exiting and rewarding. I have never worked in an office environment, so I’ve never had  “after work office drinks”!I actually build great relationships with my clients, and sometimes we even become friends!