#MondayMotivation: Let Bipasha Basu teach you how to ace a fun trampoline workout

Bipasha Basu is one of the fittest Bollywood actresses.

Bipasha Basu is one of the fittest Bollywood actresses. Picture courtesy: Pinterest

Time flies, and so do weekends. The two days of sheer relaxation and delight seem to have flown by, leaving us to deal with yet another Monday. Dreadful and lethargic, Mondays don’t seem to change, and hence the need for some motivation is perpetual.

While motivation to deal with Mondays can be really hard to find, we have always had our B-town celebs making it easy for us. Here’s proof:

Today, we have actress Bipasha Basu, once again, helping us get over the drudgery that comes with Mondays.

Yesterday, on a Sunday, while most of us were happily drowning in pools of comfort and leisure, Bipasha was aiming to get fitter, and how.

The actress, who is quite active on social media, and keeps her fans updated with workout videos, posted yet another video, where she can be seen having a gala time while working out on a trampoline.

In the video, which is a compilation of snippets, the actress can be seen jumping and jogging on a trampoline.

From jumping high to pull-ups, the actress can be seen making the most of this cardiovascular workout, while enjoying it to bits–after all, trampolines are meant to have fun.


Bipasha, whose fervour for fitness is known widely, never misses a chance to incorporate new ways to make her workout joyful and effortless. And this one comes as another addition to the list.

Watch how happy the actress looks, while she jumps and jogs on a trampoline, and gets fitter: