How to Plan Offline Competitions for Rummy Players?

Rummy is a game that India has enjoyed offline for several generations. Even today, offline rummy is completely enjoyable. However, as people get busier each day, planning a rummy tournament offline gets very challenging. Here are some simple tips to help you with this ordeal so that you can organise the best rummy competition for people to remember.

Chart Out Common Holidays

The greatest challenge most people face when it comes to organising rummy tourneys is finding an ideal date that matches everyone’s schedule. A good idea would be to chart out all the holidays so that you know what common holidays most players in your group have. You may create a WhatsApp group where you may then decide the suitable date for conducting the event.

If you expect maximum participation for the event, you need to prepare this chart first. You may consult on the WhatsApp group if the date selected is acceptable to all. Do not wait for everyone to accept one date because that maybe impossible. Decide a percentage turnover for the event that you expect. For example, if you have a group of 100 rummy player and 60 of them find a particular date convenient, you may fix the date for the event.

Decide Convenient Venues

You also need to check the location of all members in the group. If you have created a club in the locality, you need to choose a location that is proximate to maximum of the group members. You may request all the members to share their locations on Google Maps so that charting out the locations and picking a convenient sport for Indian Rummy event will get convenient for you.

Prepare a List of Gifts for Rummy Winners

If you have more strangers in your offline rummy group, it would be wise to keep cash prizes for the winners. On the contrary, if you have more participants for the tournament whom you personally know, it would be wiser to choose personalised gifts to suit each winner. This may however require some efforts from your end. You need to check out different websites for rummy accessories and rummy themed gifts. You will come across many different items like card shufflers, card stands, card themed coasters, wall murals and card themed coffee tables. You must shortlist a few gifts that most card games players will appreciate as rummy players.

Decide the Refreshments

No party or get-together can ever be complete without the right refreshments. You need to list out hot and cold refreshments for the party. You may pick coffee, tea or lime juice as the best options. These are beverages that most people enjoy. You may also pick a couple of snack varieties that people commonly enjoy. Make sure to include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian snack items in your list. This will include the snack choices of different types of people. You must also keep a Vegan option for those who choose to go Vegan.

Pick the Best Timings

Even on a holiday, the timings matter in deciding the success of the real cash rummy event. You need to plan the event at an hour when everyone is free and is having a leisure time. The evening and snack hours are best because most people choose to spend a relaxed hour and what could be more relaxing than a game of rummy?

When you organise offline competitions for rummy players, spend a month to market the event in your locality through posters and word of mouth publicity. You must also rely on different social networks to get the word through. Good planning is the key to launching a successful rummy event in your locality.