How This Woman Inventor Is Changing The Dynamics Of Innovation

Donteacia Seymore, inventor and business coach, has guided hundreds of entrepreneurs from ideation to execution and has raised over one million dollars for their products and services. She initially worked in politics before her first invention, which led to operating an invention consulting company.

Donteacia Seymore

Deonteacia Seymore, inventor and entrepreneur Blue Franswa

“The goal for me is to change the face of modern-day invention,” she smiles. “Also, to make it more accessible for everyday Americans who have an idea to build a product. It’s a big goal. But there are big things happening to automate the process and make it a lot easier for our future inventors.”

Seymore’s firm has been fully operating for close to two years and has significantly expanded to include engineers, manufacturers and lawyers on staff. Her team takes inventors through the entire process of market validation, the patent process, prototyping products and launching the product into the marketplace. Initially, Seymore’s program started with 10 inventors in the pilot program. Now, her program hosts over 100 inventors per year.

“All it takes is one person to convince people to believe in them and believe in their dreams to make a difference,” she says. “When we have inventors call in, a lot of them are calling in for validation. A lot of them don’t have anyone to talk to because they think someone will take their idea; they are afraid of making the wrong decision. The team is here every day to help them. We teach them to have the confidence to make the big decision.”

Before consulting, Seymore worked in local politics. While working in the mayor’s office in Jacksonville, Florida, she was the liaison to the department of fire and rescue and information technology as the policy advisor. “It was my responsibility to see the gap and provide solutions,” she explains. “That seemed to be the nature of every position I held: see the gap, what’s the problem, provide the solution.”