Benefits Of Using Dragon Fruit On Your Skin

itaya, or dragon fruit, is one of the most unique-looking tropical fruit you could find. Aptly named dragon fruit, the fruit bears resemblance to a ball of fire being shot out of a dragon’s mouth. The fruit is indigenous to Central America but several Southeast Asian countries have begun growing and exporting the fruit.

Dragon fruitPitaya, or dragon fruit, is a tropical fruit. Here are some benefits of the fruit when applied directly onto your skin Photo: 41330 / Pixabay

In addition to looking beautiful and tasting great, dragon fruit has added benefits when applied to your skin. Here are some of those benefits.

Soothes sunburnt skin

Too much time under the sun can cause sunburnt skin. We’ve all been there, getting sunburnt turns your skin red and the slightest touch makes it hurt.

Dragon fruit is rich in vitamin B3 which helps it soothe sunburnt skin. The vitamin B3 also helps in providing instant relief and reduces itchiness and redness caused by too much exposure to the suns rays. Dragon fruit also serves as protection for your skin the next time you go out

Dragon FruitTo use dragon fruit for acne, simple scoop it out. Afterward, mash it into a paste and apply to affected areas using a cotton ballPhoto: Fathima Shanas / Pixabay

Reduces Acne

Dragon fruit is also rich in vitamin C, a well-known ingredient used in getting rid of acne. Using a dragon fruit mask could help prevent future breakouts in addition to keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing. To do this, simply scrape some of the fruit and mash it into the paste. Afterward, apply onto your face using cotton balls.

Gives You Glowing Skin

In addition to fighting against acne, vitamin C in dragon fruit helps protect your skin. This, in turn, leaves you with glowing skin that looks and feels rejuvenated as vitamin C is known for its brightening effect on the skin

YogurtMashed dragon fruit can be combined with yogurt to create a face mask of sorts. Simple mix the two ingredients and apply onto your face. Wait 20 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. Photo: Elias Sch / Pixabay

Prevents Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are all around us. These uncharged molecules come into contact with our skin every day, damaging skin cells and causing oxidative stress. This leaves our skin looking dull and dehydrated, in addition to causing premature aging of our skin. Regular application of dragon fruit on your face can help protect it against free radicals and the damage they do. For this, we suggest making a face mask out of equal parts yogurt and dragon fruit smashed into a paste. Apply onto your face and leave in for about 20 minutes. Afterward, rinse off with lukewarm water.